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Code of the West and Cowpies in My Yard!

Why are there cow pies in my yard and what is the Code of the West?

Not long after we purchased our first home, we received a newsletter published for the region that explained why it may be neither uncommon nor illegal to find livesCode of the West Conjures Images of Cowboys on Horsebacktock grazing in our yard and on our property.  For those living in rural or ‘unincorporated’ areas of Colorado (and many other areas of the inter-mountain west) a guiding principle known as the Code of the West and a definition of land called “Open Range” create a way of life that is often foreign to those accustomed to living in the city. 

The Code of the West is a term first popularized by writer, Zane Grey in the title and subject of one of his many novels.  The romantic notion of the cowboy riding the ranges of the western frontier, herding cattle, and living a life of independence and self-reliance are well documented by Hollywood and novelists of that genre.  By the same token, the lives of homesteader farmers carving out sections of prairie and converting vast grasslands and sage brush to wheat and corn fields is just as vividly depicted on film and in literature.    John Clarke, a former Larimer county commissioner here in northern Colorado, incorporated many of those characteristics in a Code of the West paper written to inform and guide residents new to rural life.  It has since been adapted and adopted by many counties across the west as an unofficial compact between county governments and rural residents as to the benefits and liabilities of living outside city limits.

Roaming Cattle Are Just One Part of The Code of The West So why is that cow pooping in my yard?  According to the definition of open range, livestock owners who turn their livestock out to pasture are not obligated to maintain fences keeping their livestock in.  Rather, property owners living nearby or adjacent to such open range grazing lands are obligated to fence out these wandering eating, chewing, and defecating machines.  As a matter of fact, unless a property owner can prove that the livestock were maliciously urged (herded) onto private property or that a lawful fence was in place and properly maintained but thereby broken through, claims of trespass or for damages can be tough to win in court.

The Farmer and the Cowman should be friends…  These open range laws were designed by Farmers and Ranchers Helped Define The Code of The Westterritory governments and state legislatures in the late 1800’s in order to provide legal precedents at a time when cattle ranchers and the steady stream of settlers and ‘sod-busters’ entered into conflicts.   The cattlemen had previously unrestricted grazing rights, driving herds between winter and summer pastures.  Farmers and their crops impeded the traditional routes of these seasonal migrations.  Of course, there are many stories about unethical cowmen cutting barbed wire fences and even setting fire to a hard-scrabble farmer’s entire crop.  Likewise, Barbed Wire is One Strategy for Maintaining The Code of The Westmany farmers used lethal force to “maintain” their fences by shooting wandering bovines with reckless abandon.

Can’t we all just get along?  In many areas, farmers and ranchers have merged as one and the present-day interloper is the suburbia-escapee.  The desire to abandon subdivisions and HOA’s and live in the country remains a dream for many homeowners (Open Range is a Critical Component in The Code of The Westhow many subdivisions do you know are named “Green Acres”?).  However, once there, city folk find that ‘peace and quiet’ is a relative term.  What one has escaped in terms of early morning lawn-mowers, rambunctious neighbor kids, blaring televisions,  and bass-boosted iPod car stereos may be substituted by crowing roosters, bleating sheep, lowing cattle, crop-dusting bi-planes, malodorous manure spreaders, and rattling diesel tractors.  The laws on the books still favor the highest and best use of land for agriculture and mining – be forewarned that city sensibilities won’t be of the highest priority out in the country.  For my wife and I, living outside of town remains ideal in spite of the comparative isolation and scarcity of convenient amenities.  And as far as the cow pies are concerned – instead of putting up a fence, I opted for a scoop shovel.

Colorado Gives Day – The Power of Community

Flatirons Habitat Check Presentation

Chris Hardy, REALTOR and Susan Lythgoe, Executive Director of Flatirons Habitat for Humanity

To say the REALTOR Community of Colorado is pleased to present the Flatirons Chapter of Habitat for Humanity with a check for $11,300 as part of Colorado Gives Day is an understatement of titanic proportions.  Thrilled, delighted, ecstatic, proud, and honored might come closer to describing the feeling. The overwhelming support of REALTORS across Colorado and beyond for a fundraising campaign recognizing an icon of the real estate industry has been quite simply awe-inspiring.

This donation is the bittersweet result of an incredible outpouring of respect, honor, and love for a beloved father, educator, attorney, philanthropist, and REALTOR to name just a few of the roles Oliver Frascona fulfilled throughout his all too brief life.  In sum, following Mustache lapel pinOliver’s tragic plane crash on August 31, 2014, his charity of choice, Flatirons Habitat has received nearly $30,000 in memorial donations; $11,300 of which were collected mostly $5 at a time from nearly a thousand individual REALTORS who now proudly wear a lapel pin fashioned after Oliver’s trademark mustache. 

The influence of Oliver on the communities he served will survive for many years to come. MuchOliver photo of his impact resides in the REALTORS he’s taught and the clients he served. His passion and love for education is reflected in a handful of real estate professionals who have taken on the additional role of educator, ensuring REALTORS continuously get better at what they do.

Oliver’s legacy will live forever in the permanent structure that will house a family in need – which is exactly the kind of thing Oliver loved doing the most: Helping those in need. This spring, Flatirons Habitat will break ground on a house dedicated in Oliver’s memory. What better way to say “Thanks, Oliver, for everything.”

In honor of Colorado Gives Day, please consider visiting www.ColoradoGives.org and making a donation to your favorite non-profit(s). The result of collective, community-oriented giving binds us as colleagues, friends, and neighbors and it empowers non-profits to do good works on our behalf.

Why I Volunteer My Time on Boards of Directors

Board of DirectorsIf you’ve never served on a volunteer board of directors for an organization to which you belong or support – you’ve missed out.  Serving on a committee or a task force or even at the director level provides a level of engagement that opens one’s perspective, broadens the horizon of possibility, and informs leadership to make smart choices.  Sure, there are those boards that have nightmarishly long meetings and the same topics are discusssed month after month and it doesn’t seem as though anything gets accomplished (I’ve heard of Home Owner’s Association meetings like that).  That being said, my experience has been quite the opposite. 

I’ve served on our local multiple listing service board (IRES) for 7 years and am currently serving as the Chair.  It has been a wonderful opportunity to meet folks from my industry from other communities and work together to solve problems, provide a wide perspective, look to the future, and maintain an excellent service standard for the beneficiary subscribers (in this case, practicing real estate agents, appraisers, and owner-REALTOR Associations).  I’ve also served on our local REALTOR board for a 3 year term during the financial and real estate market collapse.  I’ve witnessed all manner of highly adversarial conflicts and struggled through processes to build consensus and evaluate the organization’s relevance to its members. 

Global CommunityI like to think that I help provide a strong measure of prudent yet progressive ideology to identify ways to assist the organizations to which I belong and believe remain long term and viable entities that serve the best interests of their respective constituencies.  I’ve spent the bulk of my professional real estate career in management, training, coaching, and keeping an eye on trends both economic and trade-related.  I’ve been described as a big picture person; a 40,000 foot observer of how things work.  But I’m also not afraid to get down in the weeds and work through the details of day-to-day obstacles that can prevent an organization from flourishing.      

But the reason I choose to volunteer my time is because I want to play an active role in where these organizations focus their attention and create value for the communities we serve.  REALTORS are more than the legislative lobby that represents us at city council meetings, state legislatures, and the U.S. Congress.  We are volunteers at hospice; we are soccer coaches; we are public school volunteers and assistants; we are cancer survivors; we are aids walk organizers; weHousing Economics are craft beer enthusiasts.  In short, we ARE our community!

We participate in one of the single biggest economic engines of our nation – housing.  Yet I have concerns that the future of Organized Real Estate is frought with upheaval and accelerated change driven by forces both within and without.  There are opportunities as well as threats to how we conduct our business that if left unmonitored or unquestioned could lead to dramatic negative impacts to our livelihoods, our companies, and the personal brands we’ve worked hard to cultivate not to mention the clients we tirelessly serve.  Let me be your eyes, ears, and voice so you can rest assured that there’s an advocate working on your behalf.

The Key To Staying Connected is Using The Right Technology

The Key To Staying Connected is Using The Right Technology. 

I have been reading a number of blogs about technology and the cool gizmos, apps, plug-ins, devices, software, and services that many of our colleagues here on the ActiveRain swear by on a daily basis.  I did a post last year paperless desktopabout the Tech-on-My-Desk.  I have a Fujitsu Scansnap (on my home office desk and my office-office desk, an iPad, a laptop, and a 2nd monitor).  I love gizmos and find that even with all the advances in technology, I haven’t weaned myself to using just one device.  Each one provides a slightly more refined way to do several tasks that the others can only unreasonably simulate.

That being said, the one thing I would not do without and is the key to my sanity is Microsoft Exchange Server.  I know, I know.  It’s Microsoft – not Google Apps or anything as sexy as Mailchimp, SlyDial, DropBox, or DotLoop.  Bear with me, you’ll understand.

As I  mentioned above, I have a laptop, an ipad, and iPhone.  I use all three of these devices on a daily basis.  Some of their functions overlap but many of their functions are specialized depending on the terrain and the environment.   I use my laptop for keyboard intensive activities like writing blogs, creating presentations, and doing MLS research.  I use my iPad for on-fly-resarch and presentations and general reference – it is also my note-taking device.  With a flexible stainless mesh stylus, I can take dozens of pages of notes and never have to worry about needing more paper.  This is especially important on listing presentations, seminars, and classes.  My iPhone – well, I actually use it to talk to people, text people and many overlapping functions of both the iPad and laptop when I don’t have time to set up and just need the info in a quick and accessible format.

Microsoft T ShirtSo here’s the key – if my 3 devices don’t play nice and get along with each other – I’m screwed.  Each device becomes less valuable because it is data dependent.  Most of my communication with clients and lenders and title folks is still email.  I use Outlook (yeah, I’m a dinosaur, I get it).  That being said, when we opened our brokerage, I wasn’t about to give up the benefits of a Microsoft Exchange environment that allows me to sync ALL MY DEVICES WIRELESSLY.  Yes, WIRELESSLY.  GoDaddy offers a fully functional Exchange Server option for as low as $8 a month (including fully functional Outlook 2010) with plenty of storage and great service. 

Now this may not be any huge revelation to most but I know quite a few colleagues who still struggle to sync their phone data with their tablet data and their laptop data.  What a nightmare!  By using the Exchange server all my emails, contacts, notes, and calendar items sync back and forth SEAMLESSLY.  No more deleting emails from one device and then having to delete them again from another device.  Delete something  from one – it is deleted from all.  Create an appointment on my iPad – SWOOSH – the appointment magically appears on my laptop and my iPhone.  Combine this with a little DropBox and a Scansnap – not only are you paperless – but you have become DEVICE INTERDEPENDENT – not device DE-pendent.

And if this tech tip wasn’t hip enough or trendy enough – enjoy this quick Ted Talk from David Pogue – You’re bound to pick up something you didn’t know!


Can You Hear Me Now? The Cicadas Are Calling!

Can You Hear Me Now?  The Cicadas Are Calling!

It is that time of year in the Foothills of Northern Colorado when some very interesting creatures take to the airwaves! The sound they make is strangely identical to the ‘tic-tic-tic’ an electronic igniter makes on gas stoves or propane grills.  This guy was in the middle of moltingMolting Putnam Cicada from his nymphal stage.  The nymphs spend between 2 and 5 years under ground living (harmlessly) off of tree root sap and shrub roots.  

Based on some quick research thanks to the Colorado State University Extension, I think these are the “Putnam’s Cicada” or Platypedia Putnami.  These guys are distinguished from their “Dog Day” cousins by that distinctive clicking sound I was talking about.  The “Dog Day” Cicadas or Tibicen dorsatus, T. dealbatus, are those ginormous bugs (2 inches or more) often mistakenly called locusts that have that grinding, whirring, sawing sound we all hear during the “Dog Days” of midsummer.  These are widely scattered across the plains and prefer Cottonwood and Maple trees to do their singing, eating, and mating.

As a fly-fisherman – I’ve seen the frenzy of hungry trout when cicadas come out in large numbers.  With a bug that big, a Adult Putnam Cicadatrout is willing to come out of hiding and leap out of the water to take one of these bugs that misses a branch and lands in the water.  Throwing one of those on the line and having a scrappy Rainbow steal line from the reel is well…. friggin’ exhilarating!!

Don’t worry, the ‘singing’ only lasts for a couple of weeks as the adults mate and then die shortly after the females lay their eggs.  For those of you on the plains – you’ve got a few more weeks before their bigger cousins come to life!!  Ahh, SUMMER is HERE!!

Follow the link for more on the joys of living in Colorado and information on Northern Colorado Real Estate.

Where The Buyers Are… June 2013 Market Update Homes in Fort Collins

Where The Buyers Are… June 2013 Market Update Homes in Fort Collins, Colorado

If Connie Francis had been a REALTOR, then “Where The Buyers Are” would have been her chart topping hit instead of that other song/movie that made Fort Lauderdale famous (and no, I’m not old enough to remember that – I was born 3 years later).

Record Low InventoryIn preparation for the monthly update of statistics, it occurred to me that potential sellers might be interested in seeing a breakdown of how last month’s sales shook out in terms of price point (i.e. where the buyers are).  As I picked through the month-end data it showed that 63% of the 318 single family homes sold in Fort Collins Area 9 last month were between the prices of $160,000 and $299,999.  A little more digging showed that 66 homes, or 21% of homes sold in this area were priced between $300 and $400 thousand dollars.  When you add it all together, more than 84% of all single family home transactions in Northern Larimer county sold for less than $400,000.

If you’ve read my market reports in the past (insert link to page here), just like elsewhere in the country inventory levels have plummeted significantly the last 4 years.  When you look at May 2013 compared to the same time last year, the number Record Low Inventoryof homes available for sale is down another 16%.  This is the first time the Fort Collins market has had less than 1000 units available in May since the turn of the Century 13 years ago!  Yet, year-over-year sales volume is up 18.8% for the month and over 27% year-to-date. 

ElectrifiedAs of June 5th at 1:45 p.m., there are 521 single family homes active on the market under $300,000.  When you filter out the homes that are under contract, you’re left with 248 actually available to buy.  That’s little more than 1 month of inventory based on current sales figures.  With demand outstripping supply, the economic reality is that competitive offers have become the rule rather than the exception and this is leading to higher prices in the most popular price points.  The median price of homes for sale in Fort Collins has jumped nearly $28,000 from last year ending the month of May at $266,500.

Nearly two-thirds of last month’s buyers snapped up homes under $300,000.  If you’ve been on the fence about whether now is a good time to sell a home in this price point – it isn’t shocking that your fence is being electrified!




How to Solve the No Building Permit Conundrum in Larimer County

How to Solve the No Building Permit Conundrum in Larimer CountyUnfinished Home

You’ve just found the home of your dreams!  Even better, your offer has been accepted ahead of all the others!  Congratulations!  Your due diligence period begins and your inspector tells you everything looks good.  You’ve asked for any documentation in the Seller’s possession relating to improvements done to the Property.  They have a few receipts for various projects they completed on their own but nothing major.  The basement is finished and the Sellers indicate it was finished by the previous owners.  The current Sellers didn’t do a permit search for the basement build-out when they bought it – but you’re thorough and want to know if a permit was indeed pulled for the additional bedroom, rec/theatre room, and spacious 3/4 bathroom that completes this perfect home.  You inquire with the local buildling authority and nothing appears in their archive except the original construction permit which indicated the basement was left unfinished.

StormCloudCan you feel the stormclouds gathering?  It’s like all the sunshine has been snuffed out by a pall of cold, grey sleet.  You’ve heard horror stories of militant building and safety inspectors demanding holes cut in the drywall around every switch, receptacle and light fixture.  The ceiling has to be cut open to reveal how the copper tubing was run to supply the plumbing in the bathroom and… well, you get the picture.  Your dream home has just turned into a nightmare.

Aside from the simple uncertainty of whether the work done was completed by a licensed professional or not, of paramount importance to you and your family is their health and safety and whether the work was done to building code standards.  Who is liable if one of those systems fails?  Questions that would never have come up had their been a permit consume your thoughts and keep you awake at night.

Thankfully, Larimer County has taken steps to provide homeowners with options for situations just like this.  The Department of Planning and Building Services offers an alternative resolution to exposing concealed construction items.  It is called an  “As-Built Certificate of Observable Compliance”.  It still requires inspections and certifications by licensed tradespeople as well as a Life-Safety Inspection by a Code Compliance Officer (see the Life-Safety Checklist here).  Yes, there are fees involved and time – but to be able to get the peace of mind that this As-Built Certificate can provide is priceless.  Check out the details at www.larimer.org/codecompliance

Please Note:  This information is for areas of unincorporated Larimer county where municipal entities do not have jurisdiction over building and safety permits and inspections.

Search for Homes in Fort Collins Colorado Without Getting Disappointed

Search for Homes in Fort Collins Colorado Without Getting Disappointed

Search for Homes in Fort Collins

Within the Real Estate Industry there’s much ballyhoo over Search Engine Wars. The big players – let’s just call them Trilliow and Zulia are vying for consumer eyeballs because just like TV Networks, the more eyeballs on your channel, the more you can charge advertisers to display their wares on that channel. Millions and millions of dollars have been spent in creating state-of-the-art search interfaces, property valuation models, FAQ forums, Hot Maps, etc, etc. yet one of the most critical features a good property search site should provide is which properties area ACTUALLY available.  Trilliow and Zulia simply want as many listings as possible. They don’t to care whether those listings are already sold or under contract – they just want lots and lots of listings to display.  Listing agents appear to like that, too since the longer their listings stay posted, the more inquiries they can potentially convert to buyers.

But what about the consumer? What about the buyer – the serious, pre-qualified buyer that simply wants to know what is available for her to buy TODAY? Sadly, many buyers shop at these well known syndicators and place newly found listings in virtual shopping carts and email them off to their REALTORS to set showings. Minutes later their hopes and dreams are dashed when the REALTOR informs them that all the properties they’ve selected are already under contract.  Disappointing the customer isn’t typically in the top 10 list of goals for marketing and advertising executives – yet their product line is designed to do just that. 

What’s the solution? In our market, Northern Colorado Real Estate’s Multiple Listing Service (affectionately known by its acronym, IRES) has a public facing web-site that www.iresis.comAMAZINGLY gives the consumer the opportunity to filter out those listings that are under contract (www.coloproperty.com). Search for Homes in Fort Collins ColoradoSold listings are not available for search and therefore don’t muddy up the search results as they often do at those other sites. The search interface allows consumers to create an account, save custom searches, save favorite properties, and remain anonymous to prying marketers as the account information is kept confidential. Here’s the icing on the cake… ZERO ADS! Oh, and the listing data is updated every 15 minutes!

The entire site is specifically structured to deliver the most up-to-date property information along with other useful resources free from ads that pop-up or ‘featured agents’ who would have you believe all those listings belong to them. If you’re serious about searching for homes in Fort Collins or anywhere in Northern Colorado, stop being disappointed that the home of your dreams has already been sold to someone else and search ColoProperty.com to find homes that you can actually buy!

How to Price a Home in an Accelerating Market

How to Price a Home in an Accelerating Market

How to Price A HomeWhile the notable gains in the housing sector are helping to boost the national economy, this isn’t exactly breaking news.  However, there’s always a lag between what buyers and sellers discover for themselves versus what real estate professionals have seen for well over 12 months.  The challenges are now well documented:  A substantial lack of inventory combined with buyers eager to take advantage of historic low interest rates is creating a somewhat frenzied environment ofcompetitive offers.  The logical product of this equation is accelerated home prices.

But how do you know how fast (or slow) prices are increasing?  In a market like this, end of month sold data is almost too old to rely on as the most current barometer.  Tracking the current asking prices of comparable properties can help.  However, because there is no single globally accepted formula for determining a house’s market value (just ask Zillow, Trulia, or any appraiser), list prices remain in the realm of fantasy until a buyer comes along and magically transforms a list price to a purchase price.

So what is a Seller (or REALTOR) to do?  How do you price a home in an accelerating market?  If you strike up a conversation with someone who has seen hot markets in the past, you’ll inevitably start talking about “testers”.  Testers are listing agents who understand how markets and greed work.  Sellers typically want 2 things:  1) best price/terms for a sale in the 2) shortest amount of time.  Testers acknowledge this and will also have the tough conversation with a Seller to properly prepare them for a competitive market (see my companion blog Properly Preparing Buyers For Competitive Offers).  Part of that tough conversation is discussing the dangers of over-pricing (aka getting greedy).  When a home first hits the market, the first 2 weeks are by far the most critical since every pre-qualified buyer is scanning the MLS hourly (or every 15 minutes as our MLS updates the public side of things).  These are also buyers that have likely already lost out on other listings and have learned to act quickly when a desirable property pops up.  With that kind of attention and motivation, you want your house entering the market with the very best first impression possible.

How to Price a HomeWhat are the components of a great first impression?  Yes, photos, virtual tours, snappy descriptions, and other enhancements are critical.  However, price is one of the first terms selected in a search. In a hot market, buyers aren’t necessarily looking outside of their pre-approved purchase price.  If your home is priced outside that range, it won’t be seen.  You need to know where the bulk of the buyers are in any given price range and shoot for the highest price in the most populous segment so you get the greatest exsposure to the eyeballs that are most-likely-to-buy.

The secondary skill that good Testers employ is pre-agreeing (in writing) that if the house does not hit a benchmark number of showings within the first 7 days – the home will automatically be reduced to a more aggressive price.  That benchmark number is the average number How to Price Your Homeof showings it takes to get a contract.  Any longer and the immediately qualified and action-oriented buyers will have moved on and the home will inevitably languish and likely sell for an even lower price. 

Generally, I’m a “price-it-right-from-the-get-go” kind of REALTOR and rely on aggressive pricing to create competitive situations to generate over-asking price scenarios regardless of whether it is a buyer-favored or seller-favored market.  Yet in an environment like we’re ‘enjoying’ right now, the fear of leaving potential net proceeds on the table fuels Sellers to ask perhaps more than the market will actually bear.  A good Listing Agent can exercise good judgment, employ a prudent ‘testing’ methodology, and create a win/win for sellers and buyers alike!


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Cutting Through The White Noise of Content Overload

Cutting Through The White Noise of Content OverloadCutting Through The White Noise of Content Overload

For anyone drawing a breath right now, there is no denying the power of the internet and the role of digital marketing in our daily lives.  That being said, REALTORS are not immune from the same obstacles facing big-box brands in terms of reaching target markets.  The sheer number of communication channels available to consumers has created so much dilution and white noise, finding a way to stand apart from all of it to be seen or heard is a challenge unlike any time in the past (I just read about a study claiming that young people are devouring 26 hours worth of content every 24 hours.  If that is true, how will we ever possibly get a message through that filter?).

Having read several of the posts on this subject, it is clear that as my mother says “Everyone has a way and everyone’s way does.”.  I don’t think there are many who can argue with the broad declaration that Print is Dead – or at least on Artificial Life Support.  Newspapers are thinner, briefer, and far less powerful than in years past and circulation numbers are dismal.  In spite of a recent spike in the popularity of printed books (thanks mostly to a series of shady grey novels) consumers are increasingly relying on digital formats to satisfy their reading appetites.

Even in the online and digital broadcasting Cutting Through The White Noise of Content Overloadarenas, dilution of the viewer eye-balls has fundamentally changed how companies vie for consumer attention.  With hundreds of channels available through cable and/or satellite and thousands of channels available through the world-wide web, effective marketing campaigns in those realms require either enormous sums of money to blast across a large number of channels or spending less money on a highly targeted campaign aimed at a very specific but smaller demographic.

Our marketing approach has been to diversify our presence in several key channels, namely:  Email, Direct Mail, Facebook, and Organic SEO with an occasional print ad to promote our “Big Why”.  Since this article is about print advertising, let’s look at direct mail.  Direct Mail is enjoying a bit of a renaissance.  Many marketers left the direct mail arena in favor of pay per click advertising online.  It was far less expensive and the return had the potential to be exponentially higher. 

Cutting Through The White Noise of Content OverloadThis has left the door open in the direct mail arena to produce meaningful and high impact pieces that will get seen because the noise of all the other ‘junk mail’ has diminished.  When you combine that with USPS’s relatively new program called “Every Door Direct Mail” where postage is as little as 16 cents per piece with no permit to buy and a highly specific and targeted mail route feature, farming a particular neighborhood has never been more affordable and potentially more effective.  We are in a market right now that demands more sellers and the more effectively we can get our information in the hands of potential sellers… well, I think you know how the rest of that story goes.  From an ecological standpoint – we no longer provide property brochures and flyer boxes for our listings.  It will likely work out that our carbon footprint for direct mail will be smaller than the carbon footprint of providing flyers in boxes that end up as neighbor kids’ paper airplanes anyway.

If we were awarded a monthly stipend of $300 to use toward a print campaign – it would most certainly be used to deliver frequent and consistent messages to our target market of potential sellers using our old friend, the United States Postal Service.

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