Colorado Gives Day – The Power of Community

Flatirons Habitat Check Presentation

Chris Hardy, REALTOR and Susan Lythgoe, Executive Director of Flatirons Habitat for Humanity

To say the REALTOR Community of Colorado is pleased to present the Flatirons Chapter of Habitat for Humanity with a check for $11,300 as part of Colorado Gives Day is an understatement of titanic proportions.  Thrilled, delighted, ecstatic, proud, and honored might come closer to describing the feeling. The overwhelming support of REALTORS across Colorado and beyond for a fundraising campaign recognizing an icon of the real estate industry has been quite simply awe-inspiring.

This donation is the bittersweet result of an incredible outpouring of respect, honor, and love for a beloved father, educator, attorney, philanthropist, and REALTOR to name just a few of the roles Oliver Frascona fulfilled throughout his all too brief life.  In sum, following Mustache lapel pinOliver’s tragic plane crash on August 31, 2014, his charity of choice, Flatirons Habitat has received nearly $30,000 in memorial donations; $11,300 of which were collected mostly $5 at a time from nearly a thousand individual REALTORS who now proudly wear a lapel pin fashioned after Oliver’s trademark mustache. 

The influence of Oliver on the communities he served will survive for many years to come. MuchOliver photo of his impact resides in the REALTORS he’s taught and the clients he served. His passion and love for education is reflected in a handful of real estate professionals who have taken on the additional role of educator, ensuring REALTORS continuously get better at what they do.

Oliver’s legacy will live forever in the permanent structure that will house a family in need – which is exactly the kind of thing Oliver loved doing the most: Helping those in need. This spring, Flatirons Habitat will break ground on a house dedicated in Oliver’s memory. What better way to say “Thanks, Oliver, for everything.”

In honor of Colorado Gives Day, please consider visiting and making a donation to your favorite non-profit(s). The result of collective, community-oriented giving binds us as colleagues, friends, and neighbors and it empowers non-profits to do good works on our behalf.

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