Cutting Through The White Noise of Content Overload

Cutting Through The White Noise of Content OverloadCutting Through The White Noise of Content Overload

For anyone drawing a breath right now, there is no denying the power of the internet and the role of digital marketing in our daily lives.  That being said, REALTORS are not immune from the same obstacles facing big-box brands in terms of reaching target markets.  The sheer number of communication channels available to consumers has created so much dilution and white noise, finding a way to stand apart from all of it to be seen or heard is a challenge unlike any time in the past (I just read about a study claiming that young people are devouring 26 hours worth of content every 24 hours.  If that is true, how will we ever possibly get a message through that filter?).

Having read several of the posts on this subject, it is clear that as my mother says “Everyone has a way and everyone’s way does.”.  I don’t think there are many who can argue with the broad declaration that Print is Dead – or at least on Artificial Life Support.  Newspapers are thinner, briefer, and far less powerful than in years past and circulation numbers are dismal.  In spite of a recent spike in the popularity of printed books (thanks mostly to a series of shady grey novels) consumers are increasingly relying on digital formats to satisfy their reading appetites.

Even in the online and digital broadcasting Cutting Through The White Noise of Content Overloadarenas, dilution of the viewer eye-balls has fundamentally changed how companies vie for consumer attention.  With hundreds of channels available through cable and/or satellite and thousands of channels available through the world-wide web, effective marketing campaigns in those realms require either enormous sums of money to blast across a large number of channels or spending less money on a highly targeted campaign aimed at a very specific but smaller demographic.

Our marketing approach has been to diversify our presence in several key channels, namely:  Email, Direct Mail, Facebook, and Organic SEO with an occasional print ad to promote our “Big Why”.  Since this article is about print advertising, let’s look at direct mail.  Direct Mail is enjoying a bit of a renaissance.  Many marketers left the direct mail arena in favor of pay per click advertising online.  It was far less expensive and the return had the potential to be exponentially higher. 

Cutting Through The White Noise of Content OverloadThis has left the door open in the direct mail arena to produce meaningful and high impact pieces that will get seen because the noise of all the other ‘junk mail’ has diminished.  When you combine that with USPS’s relatively new program called “Every Door Direct Mail” where postage is as little as 16 cents per piece with no permit to buy and a highly specific and targeted mail route feature, farming a particular neighborhood has never been more affordable and potentially more effective.  We are in a market right now that demands more sellers and the more effectively we can get our information in the hands of potential sellers… well, I think you know how the rest of that story goes.  From an ecological standpoint – we no longer provide property brochures and flyer boxes for our listings.  It will likely work out that our carbon footprint for direct mail will be smaller than the carbon footprint of providing flyers in boxes that end up as neighbor kids’ paper airplanes anyway.

If we were awarded a monthly stipend of $300 to use toward a print campaign – it would most certainly be used to deliver frequent and consistent messages to our target market of potential sellers using our old friend, the United States Postal Service.

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