Search for Homes in Fort Collins Colorado Without Getting Disappointed

Search for Homes in Fort Collins Colorado Without Getting Disappointed

Search for Homes in Fort Collins

Within the Real Estate Industry there’s much ballyhoo over Search Engine Wars. The big players – let’s just call them Trilliow and Zulia are vying for consumer eyeballs because just like TV Networks, the more eyeballs on your channel, the more you can charge advertisers to display their wares on that channel. Millions and millions of dollars have been spent in creating state-of-the-art search interfaces, property valuation models, FAQ forums, Hot Maps, etc, etc. yet one of the most critical features a good property search site should provide is which properties area ACTUALLY available.  Trilliow and Zulia simply want as many listings as possible. They don’t to care whether those listings are already sold or under contract – they just want lots and lots of listings to display.  Listing agents appear to like that, too since the longer their listings stay posted, the more inquiries they can potentially convert to buyers.

But what about the consumer? What about the buyer – the serious, pre-qualified buyer that simply wants to know what is available for her to buy TODAY? Sadly, many buyers shop at these well known syndicators and place newly found listings in virtual shopping carts and email them off to their REALTORS to set showings. Minutes later their hopes and dreams are dashed when the REALTOR informs them that all the properties they’ve selected are already under contract.  Disappointing the customer isn’t typically in the top 10 list of goals for marketing and advertising executives – yet their product line is designed to do just that. 

What’s the solution? In our market, Northern Colorado Real Estate’s Multiple Listing Service (affectionately known by its acronym, IRES) has a public facing web-site that www.iresis.comAMAZINGLY gives the consumer the opportunity to filter out those listings that are under contract ( Search for Homes in Fort Collins ColoradoSold listings are not available for search and therefore don’t muddy up the search results as they often do at those other sites. The search interface allows consumers to create an account, save custom searches, save favorite properties, and remain anonymous to prying marketers as the account information is kept confidential. Here’s the icing on the cake… ZERO ADS! Oh, and the listing data is updated every 15 minutes!

The entire site is specifically structured to deliver the most up-to-date property information along with other useful resources free from ads that pop-up or ‘featured agents’ who would have you believe all those listings belong to them. If you’re serious about searching for homes in Fort Collins or anywhere in Northern Colorado, stop being disappointed that the home of your dreams has already been sold to someone else and search to find homes that you can actually buy!